Mindfulness for Musicians

Mindfulness for Musicians

Friday 16th July 2021 - Sunday 18th July 2021
10:30 am - 1:00 pm

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Mindfulness (secular meditation) has long been of interest for musicians and other performers as a resource to regulate performance anxiety and stress and as a tool to enhance practice, performance and teaching.  The Mindfulness for Musicians sessions will be very experiential (practices followed by inquiry), with minimal theoretical background presentation, as the only way to understand the benefit of mindfulness is to experience it.  Participants can gain a “taste” of mindfulness as a concept and practice in this course and will learn specific techniques to apply to their own performing, teaching and life.

The sessions are 2.5 hours long and there will be one longer or two shorter breaks.  Please wear comfortable clothing and assure that you are undisturbed for the duration of the session.

Session 1: Introduction to Mindfulness

This session includes a brief presentation on mindfulness.  After an initial discussion in breakout rooms, participants will be guided in the Body Scan, followed by inquiry (group discussion) and a final pair-activity.

Session 2: Mindfulness and Musicians

Session two centres around brief mindfulness practices that can be used by musicians before performing and teaching.  A brief presentation will highlight benefits of mindfulness for stress and performance anxiety, followed by a Mindful Movement and Mindfulness of Breathing practice.

Session 3: Where will you go from here?

After a review of the previous sessions, participants will be guided in a longer Sitting Practice, followed by inquiry.  The session concludes with a breakout room activity and group discussion/Q & A, followed by a closing practice.


Participants are asked to submit a questionnaire before the start of the course to determine previous mindfulness experience and to assess suitability for the course.  Mindfulness may not be suited for individuals with acute anxiety or depression, as well as severe past trauma or breathing difficulties.

Carola Emrich-Fisher, MM, is a Mezzo-Soprano, Voice Teacher and Mindfulness Teacher.  Besides teaching regular Mindfulness courses, workshops and one-to-one classes at The Mindful Singer, Carola has presented Mindfulness for Musicians courses at MusicFest Aberystwyth and Mindfulness in the Voice Studio for AOTOS’ online lecture series.


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Date(s) - Friday 16th July 2021 - Sunday 18th July 2021
10:30 am - 1:00 pm