Accommodation is available in university accommodation on campus within walking distance of the Arts Centre and Penglais School. Self catering en-suite (£288 for 8 days) and standard (£240 for 8 days) rooms are available.

Please book at

Under 18 supervision

MusicFest will accept applications from students 13 yrs or over. Students between the age of 13 and 15 yrs must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. MusicFest accepts no liability for the welfare of students 15yrs or under. Parents of 13-15yrs students will be asked to sign a disclaimer.

Students between 16-17yrs will be housed together with appropriate supervision (our pastoral support team is led by qualified and experienced house staff). Parents of under-18 students will be required to sign to confirm that they accept the rules and regulations of MusicFest Summer School.

Alternatively Aberystwyth offers a wealth of holiday accommodation. Please contact Aberystwyth Tourist Board for more information 01970 612125 .