In the light of the developing global concerns around the coronavirus outbreak, Aberystwyth Musicfest Ltd has updated its cancellation policy, should people be advised not to travel or gather together at events.  Aberystwyth Musicfest Ltd will try to ensure that the impact of cancellation on students and staff is minimised.

Termination Clause

  • In this clause “Termination Event” shall mean any of the following events :-
    (i) the closure or restricted use of the venue  (“Venue”) of the performance or course to which this agreement relates or any other building the use of which is necessary for holding  that performance or course (including any accommodation intended to be used by any performer, tutor or student attending  that performance or course);

(ii)  the making of any Order or the issue of any travel restriction or travel advice by any central or local government department or other agency of competent jurisdiction anywhere in the world for any reason connected with the health or wellbeing of the  public or the spread of any notifiable disease or virus which Order restriction or advice either (a)  restricts or advises against  travel to the Venue or (b) which makes travel to the Venue by usual means impossible or difficult

  • In the event of the happening of any one or more Termination Event Aberystwyth Musicfest Limited may in its absolute discretion terminate this agreement by written or emailed notice (“the Termination Notice”) to the other party hereto whereupon this Agreement shall terminate forthwith and cease to be of effect, but such termination shall not prejudice the rights of either party hereto to seek damages from the other for any antecedent breach of this agreement. Aberystwyth Musicfest Limited shall not be liable to make any payment to or compensate the other party hereto for any losses arising out of the service of a Termination Notice.