Y Mewnol

Your digital learning resource

For 2021, MusicFest Aberystwyth launches Y Mewnol, a digital learning resource for you, your family, your school, or your music group to delve into music-making of our special festival and to create music yourself. Through a specially designed curriculum of activities, group sessions and creative tasks, Y Mewnol has a wealth of free resources for young people to explore and create music in a new way.

This digital learning resource was kindly supported with funds from Ty Cerdd and The Ashley Family Foundation.

What to expect

Y Mewnol has been created for young people to get inside the music that has either been performed at or created for MusicFest Aberystwyth. These specially designed activities introduce young people to exciting music and encourages them to think about what they are listening to, analyse the sounds, and create new music inspired by what they have heard. Each strand of Y Mewnol will include short explanatory videos, specially commissioned digital performances for you to watch, lesson plans (for primary and secondary level), plus helpful PowerPoint Presentations for the classroom. 

For winter 2021, we have released on strand of Y Mewnol called ‘ebb flow: Creating music through nature’, which takes a digital piece which wowed our audience at MusicFest 2021. Not only with the young people be able to listen to the exciting new music of Claire Victoria Roberts, but watch the art created by Sally MacLachlan, analyse the sounds created, and eventually create their own music inspired by sounds from their own environment.

ebb flow: Creating music through nature

What does the environment mean to you? Have you ever stopped for a moment and listened to your environment? Can you create music through nature? Explore Claire Victoria Roberts and Sally MacLachlan’s ebb flow to find out.

Night Music

Music can conjure up all sorts of images, and composers for centuries have dreamt up musical scores which sends a shiver up our spines to being the best way to accompany a late-night walk. Follow the Solem Quartet as we explore the night sky with music by Béla Bartók and Aaron Parker.

Need support?

If you are a school or music group who need support with your ‘Y Mewnol’ activities, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us at musicfest@aber.ac.uk.

We may be able to offer you digital, live sessions to assist you and your young people through the activities outlined on our lesson plans, or provide you with additional support to make the most of Y Mewnol.