Ángel Cedillo

Ángel Sebastián Cedillo Rodríguez was born in Mexico City. He started his musical instruction under his grandfather, the well known clarinetist Cruz Cedillo, and continued his studies at the “Vida y Movimiento” School in Mexico City under the guidance of Austreberto Méndez and Luis Humberto Ramos.
After his studies in Mexico, Ángel Cedillo attended the London College of Music. There he was under the guidance of the World wide known clarinetist David Campbell.
Ángel Cedillo has been invited as a soloist by several orchestras in Mexico: The Mexico City Philharmonic, The Mexico Polytechnic Symphony, The Hidalgo State Symphony and the 5th of May Philharmonic. He has been principal clarinetist at The Hidalgo State Symphony, The Morelia Festival Orchestra, The New Philharmonic of Mexico and The Mexico City Wind and Brass Ensemble.
Ángel Cedillo has participated in several curses and workshops to perfect his technic, such as The Latin American Youth Symphony Orchestra workshop in Bogotá, Colombia, sponsored by the OAS (Organization of American States), and the Wind and Brass Symphonic Band in San José, Costa Rica.
Ángel Cedillo obtained an acknowledge diploma for his musical talent at the “Ciudad de Dos Hermanas” International Clarinet Competition, in Seville, Spain.
He is frequently invited to perform in Mexico’s leading orchestras: The Xalapa Symphony, The Mexico State Symphony, The Chihuahua State Philharmonic, The Mérida Symphony, The Acapulco Philharmonic, among others.
He participated and organized, along Mario Calva, the First National Congress of Clarinet and Saxophone in 2002, at Oaxaca City. He has lectured and performed recitals for Yamaha Mexico.

Ángel Cedillo is today the principal clarinet at the 5th of May in Pueblo Philharmonic.



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