The voice at and after the vocal folds with Dr Ron Morris

The voice at and after the vocal folds with Dr Ron Morris

Friday 16th July 2021 - Sunday 18th July 2021
9:30 am - 11:00 am

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Led by internationally-acclaimed Speech Therapist, Audiologist and Countertenor, Dr Ron Morris, we are thrilled to welcome him back to Musicfest Aberystwyth 2021. This course looks at what happens further up the vocal tract (though we will spend a bit of time on the larynx itself!). We will look at some of the more recent research into registers and resonance (yes, vowel acoustics!) and refresh our knowledge of the articulators and their effects on the voice. Topics, activities, and areas of interest will include: Registration, the science, and some of the scary acoustics; Why can’t singers, singing teachers and scientists agree?; What is the difference between laryngeal mechanism, singing voice registration and acoustic registration?; Resonance, what it actually is and what it is not!; How does resonance change the voice?; Vowels and vowel acoustics, passive vs active modification of the vowel; Articulation the unexplored key to vocal efficiency; and What do I do about my naughty tongue and jaw?

About our course leader

Dr Ron Morris, Speech Therapist, Audiologist and Counter-Tenor, initially graduated from the University of Queensland in 1985 with an Honours degree in Speech Therapy. Ron also holds a Performer’s Certificate from Trinity College London and in 2001 he completed a Masters of Music Studies (Vocal Performance) at the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University. As part of that degree Ron undertook additional vocal studies in London with Mrs Janice Chapman OAM as well as studying Accent Method Breathing with Ms Dinah Harris and Mrs Ingrid Rugheimer. Ron holds a PhD in music for a study examining the use of Accent Method Breathing with singers. Ron’s new book on Accent Method based on his PHD ‘If In Doubt Breath Out’ was released in 2016.

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Date(s) - Friday 16th July 2021 - Sunday 18th July 2021
9:30 am - 11:00 am